Handcrafted and hand-decorated majolica tiles reinterpret the historical memory, innovate and create redesigning the ceramic according to new tastes and trends...

Van Gogh Boutique



The collaboration between Ceramica Francesco De Maio and the Van Gogh Museum® ensures that, through the collection of hand-decorated ceramic tiles, families around the world learn about the life and work of Vincent van Gogh.


The Van Gogh Museum is grateful that you are directly contributing to the preservation of Van Gogh’s legacy and art collection so that it may continue to inspire and be shared with future generations.


Thanks to Theo, Vincent had the means to develop as an artist and follow his dream.
Despite the support that Vincent received from his younger brother, he still had to work very hard. He persevered and never stopped believing in himself, despite countless setbacks. But without his brother’s help, he would never have succeeded.
This is a beautiful example of what support and trust can do for a person.

With this generous thought in mind we also want to give something back to the work Vincent van Gogh shared with us. 

We want to make sure his art, his thoughts and his inspiration stay alive and therefore we financially support the preservation of Van Gogh’s legacy for future generations.


©Van Gogh Museum®

100% Hand Made in Italy

Almond Blossom

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Ceramica Francesco De Maio, in fascinating synergy with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, has created an extraordinary collection of decorations inspired by the ephemeral beauty of the Almond Blossom, immortalised in the works of the famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. This unique collaboration has transformed the delicacy of Van Gogh's masterpiece into authentic works of ceramic art.

The floral decorations, true to the artist's vivid hues and poetic nuances, embody the elegance and craftsmanship of Ceramica Francesco De Maio. Each tile, decorated entirely by hand piece by piece, reflects the passion with which the painter represented his vision of Almond Blossoms in an intensification of colors and refined details.

The Almond Blossom decor offers a unique sensory experience in which the beauty of nature painted by Van Gogh blends with the craftsmanship of Ceramica Francesco De Maio. Floral variants inspired by the painting Almond Blossom transform the spaces into vibrant and sophisticated rooms, transporting the observer on a visual and tactile journey through art and nature. A harmonious combination that celebrates timeless creativity and craftsmanship excellence.


Bathroom Sink Almond Blossom



The Van Gogh Collection by Ceramica Francesco De Maio for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is masterfully inspired by Van Gogh's famous painting Sunflowers. The creations, full of vibrant colors, including the yellow so dear to the painter, and exquisite details, transport the observer on a sensory journey through the beauty and energy of sunflowers. Each piece, hand-decorated with expert craftsmanship, is a tribute to the artistry of Vincent van Gogh, transforming art into a tangible and enduring form.

The Sunflowers decoration is inspired by a detail from the painting, translating it into a versatile ceramic surface, perfect to fit elegantly into any setting. The mastery of capturing other distinctive elements of Van Gogh's masterpiece Sunflowers gives the ceramic a unique character, making each piece a functional, fascinating and yet contemporary work of art.


Self-Portrait with Straw Hat


Francesco De Maio's collection of hand-decorated ceramics for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is a fascinating homage to the art of Vincent van Gogh. The detail chosen from the masterpiece Self-Portrait with Straw Hat comes to life through the skill of the master decorators. 

The refinement of the ceramic reproduction of the painting detail, captures the essence, emphasises the intensity of the colors and the dynamism of Van Gogh's distinctive brushstrokes, transforming the majolica into a tangible work of art. The key is to respect the content of the original work while adding a contemporary touch.

Van Gogh's enchanting Self-Portrait with Straw Hat is thus transformed into a striking ceramic surface, embracing the walls and floors of any room with its vibrant artistic expression. The fusion of Van Gogh's genius and the art of hand-decorated ceramics gives the space a unique atmosphere, where aesthetics and functionality come together in a marriage of extraordinary beauty.

Vase with Gladioli and Chinese Asters


A decoration from the Van Gogh Collection by Ceramica Francesco De Maio for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is inspired by the masterpiece Vase with Gladioli and Chinese Asters. These hand-decorated ceramic majolica tiles transport the viewers into a world of vibrant colours and elegant shapes, capturing the vibrancy and depth of the original painting. Each piece, with its craftsmanship, pays homage to Van Gogh's unique vision, transforming his art into fascinating and timeless ceramic creations, suitable to enrich any room with a touch of elegance and beauty.

The distinctive detail of Van Gogh's painting Vase with Gladioli and Chinese Asters is masterfully transformed into a vibrant ceramic surface, giving life to vivid floral colours. This artistic reinterpretation is translated into each piece, where the artistry of emanating the vitality of gladioli through hand-decorating offers a unique visual and tactile experience, perfectly suited to embellish spaces with the inherent elegance of art.



Francesco De Maio's extraordinary decoration, inspired by Van Gogh's famous painting Irises, stands out for its ability to capture the poetic essence and vividness of the flowers painted by the Dutch artist. The fascinating detail of Van Gogh's Irises is transformed into a unique ceramic surface thanks to Francesco De Maio's mastery of handmade decoration for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Ceramic thus becomes a tangible medium between Van Gogh's original art and contemporary craftsmanship, giving rooms a touch of unmistakable floral splendour. 

Each majolica represents an artistic homage, transforming the intricate details of irises into ceramic surfaces of iridescent colours. Each majolica captures the delicacy and beauty of the flowers, offering a unique sensory experience. 

The craftsmanship of Francesco De Maio blends with the genius of Van Gogh, creating functional works of art that bring the beauty of iris flowers directly into everyday environments.

Flowering Plum Orchard


The decoration by Ceramica Francesco De Maio for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, inspired by Van Gogh's famous painting Flowering Plum Orchard with its distinctly Japanese character, embodies the fascinating encounter between two distinct artistic worlds. The ceramics, rich in elements reminiscent of Japanese refinement, transform the original painting into an elegant and striking work of art. Each majolica reflects the harmonious fusion of Van Gogh's vibrant aesthetics and the serene elegance of Japanese tradition, creating an extraordinary blend of cultures through the craftsmanship of Francesco De Maio.

The fascinating detail of the delicate hand-decorated flowers that mimic those in Van Gogh's famous painting Flowering Plum Orchard is transformed into a ceramic surface that glows a vibrant red. Each majolica of this unique decoration captures the floral essence with a modern and refined style, combining the artistry of contemporary craftsmanship with the timeless beauty of the flowers painted by Van Gogh. The ceramic surface thus becomes a bridge between the past and the present, offering a unique aesthetic experience that enhances spaces with a touch of elegance and history.

Mise en Place


The Van Gogh Mise en Place Collection of Francesco De Maio x Van Gogh Museum is an exclusive hand-decorated plate service inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's famous masterpiece of Almond Blossom. Each piece in this service is a testament to craftsmanship, made with care and dedication by skilled artisans.

Details of the famous painting Almond Blossom come to life on each plate through finely hand-painted details, capturing the beauty and essence of the original masterpiece. This service is not just a set of plates, but a true artistic expression that transforms every table into an art gallery.

The timeless elegance of this Mise en Place, where the craftsmanship of Francesco De Maio meets the genius of Van Gogh, creates an atmosphere of art on the table wrapped in the beauty of Almond Blossom. A combination of creativity, color and tradition that makes a unique, elegant and refined table ready to welcome diners.

Ceramica Francesco De Maio. Hand-decorated majolica tiles.